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Your partner in creating sustainable
fund development success.

Inspired and authentically engaged donors can be meaningful partners in the achievement of your charitable organization’s vision.

But how do you make that happen?

I spent 25 years working on the fundraising frontlines of charitable organizations across Canada, providing strategic leadership, mentoring fundraising professionals and teams, and creating and running successful fundraising programs that focused on genuine donor engagement. Now I partner with a small and carefully chosen group of clients, sharing my hands-on experience with your team to help create a fund development program that is built to fit and to help take you where you want to go.

There are three areas that I consistently see charities struggling with:


Often there isn’t one. Perhaps the fund development strategy you do have doesn’t seem to fit your organization or you’re unsure what to do now, next, later.

Is your fund development plan gathering dust on a shelf?

I can help you figure out the right strategy for your organization, your culture, your people. We will build a simple and executable plan for advancing that strategy in ways you will be able to see and measure.


You and your staff and volunteers have great passion for the cause…but are you seeing the fundraising success you want? I can help you figure out what’s getting in the way and how to move forward. Perhaps ‘fear of asking’ is holding you back.  Let’s flip that to learning how to approach great conversations with donors. Maybe you’re having trouble finding and keeping a great fundraising professional?

Let’s find the one that is right for you…or develop a bright talent that’s already in your organization to become your great fundraising professional.

Working closely together, we’ll focus on filling your team’s ‘toolkit’ with practical knowledge and good habits. And we’ll develop those all important soft skills that create genuine connection with donors.  I’m certified in EQ and EQ360 assessments and coaching that can help you and your team put emotional intelligence to work for your program.


Theory is one thing. Doing something with it is another.

Sometimes the ‘how to’ fundraise still feels fuzzy to you no matter how many books or articles you’ve read. (“What’s a case for support and how do we create one?” “How do I know whether my fundraiser is doing the right work?” “Should we do a gala?” “How do I get a meeting with a potential donor and what should I say when I do?”)

I’ll become your partner as you and your team learn by doing – executing on your built-to-fit plan and gaining the knowledge, capacity and confidence to do it on your own.

Does this sound like you?

Then let’s talk. You can reach me anytime at or 403.463.6855.

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