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Custom-built services to meet your unique needs.


Working together closely (usually for about a year) we become partners to get your Strategy built, your People ready and confident, and your fundraising practice well started by focusing on Practice (Learning by Doing).

In order for us to be successful, you’ll need to invite me fully into your work and I’ll make my knowledge and experience readily accessible to you and your team. By the end of our time together, you and your team can be well positioned to move ahead on your own, but you may choose to continue with periodic coaching to keep making intentional progress.


Sometimes, there’s just one piece of your fundraising program that is stalled (or not yet started). We’ll focus in on it through a customized workshop or learning session. We can add on coaching sessions for a period of time to make sure you’re successful in the execution of your new learning and skills.


  • Making Sure Your Fundraising Program is Donor-Centred
  • Getting Your Case for Support Written
  • Working Through The Fear of Asking

Leadership Coaching

If you are leading a small to medium sized charity, you may benefit from a sounding board and trusted advisor as you grow your program and inspire your team’s new focus on philanthropy.  Or you may have new fund development leaders in your organization who could go further, faster with an experienced guide available to them.

Specialized EQ Support

Emotional intelligence matters in this work. A lot.

If you or your team are stuck and relationships with Board, staff, donors or other stakeholders aren’t working, a deeper dive into emotional intelligence can identify blind spots, development areas and easy, practical ways to get to better results.

  • EQi2.0 Individual Assessments – learn more more about your own EQ
  • EQ360 Assessments – learn more about how others see you



I’d love to learn more about you and your organization’s needs.

You can reach me at or 403.463.6855.

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